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A Note of Gratitude:

February 25, 2018

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a wonderful lady by the name of Tora Anderson. Her husband, John Anderson, had recently passed away and Tora was kind enough to donate some of John’s woodworking equipment to our co-op. We graciously accepted her donation and would like to publicly thank her for thoughtfulness.

I had a chance to visit Tora in her Vancouver home and was impressed with the work of her late husband. Like all of us hobbyist woodworkers, he was a tinkerer at heart and loved to have a project (or two or three) on the go. Tora proudly took me a tour through the Anderson home and showed me some of John’s work.


John had an exquisite eye for detail. In the tall clocks he made, I noticed that the dimensions of the clock invite one to think of the timepiece as a person; especially when standing in front of them. The proportions between segments, the sinuous curves and the mouldings used to accentuate the transitions between parts pull the pieces together. These all suggest an inventive and creative mind, intent on providing a functional piece of art greater than the sum of it’s parts. These clocks are heirlooms that will rightly be loved by the Anderson family for generations.

My favourite work shown by Tora was the amazing steam locomotive replica that John spent literally years making. This train did not come from a kit purchased in a store; it is a moving, one-eleventh, scale model of a locomotive. This would have been a common sight in Wales when John was young. He made this using household tools, a lathe, a milling machine, and a lot of patience.


I’m going to assume John’s attention to detail in his hobby was a result of the same trait he would have had to display in his career as a physician. John was trained as a microbiologist in the UK and worked for years at Children’s hospital in Vancouver and as a professor at UBC.

Thank you Tora, for your donation of the woodworking tools. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we will put them to good use.


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